Bloc Party – One Month Off

December 12, 2008

Band: Bloc Party

Title: One Month Off


The Cab – “Bounce”

November 20, 2008

Band – The Cab

Title: Bounce

Band: Forgive Durden

Title: Life is looking up

I don’t quite understand it, but like it nonetheless.

Mutemath – “Spotlight”

November 13, 2008

Band: Mutemath

Title: Spotlight (New Song!)

Band: The Lovely Sparrows

Song: “War Has Seen the Best of Me”

Band: The Jakes

Song: “Garands at Normandie”

Fans of Jimmy Eat World will especially like this group.

Copeland – “Chin Up”

October 21, 2008

Band – Copeland

Song – Chin Up

Band: TV On the Radio

song: Staring at the Sun

Hat Tip to T-Sides. Great Song.

Band: A Novel Form

Title: Team Kill

Saw them last night at the black sheep. They keep getting better and better each time I see them, especially with the addition of new hard-hitting drummer. Also, they had a great lead in/into into this song.

Band – Fun (A.K.A – Nate from Format, Andrew from Anathallo, and Jack from Steel Train)

Title: Benson Hedges