Band: Roman Candle

Title: “Winterlight”


Artist: Gillian Welch and Ryan Adams

Title: The Revelator (I wish they would have recorded a clean, fully produced, electric version of this song. The version from the destroyer sessionscould have been fantastic if finished.)

(Sorry for the cheesy video, but since I can’t upload my mp3’s I have to find them for you on the ‘net, and sometimes they come with lame videos.)

Band: Paper Route

Song: Are We All Forgotten?


Band: The Rouge

Song: What You Get

Band: Barcelona

Song: It’s About Time

Band: Augustana  (saw I think their first show ever… awful. Boy have they improved)

Song: Sweet and Low

Artist: Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab for Cutie)

Song: “Silver Lining” (Live Acoustic Rilo Kiley cover)

P.S. – Hat tip to T-Sides for the fantastic song.